During the winter months you do not have to forgo the taste of springtime in the garden. Not if you know how to unlock the tremendous store of good nutrients that lie dormant in every seed, grain and legume. Give them a little warmth, a little moisture and a little attention, and they will explode into lovely sprouts. Sprouts are a fantastic food for all seasons and all places you don’t need half an acre, a backyard or even a window box. You can grow vitamin ­rich sprouts on the edge of your sink, or on your windowsill.

Sprouts are the only pro­cess of food preparation which multiplies the values you start with. As the seed sprouts, vitamins are formed and nutritional content skyrockets. Vitamin C develops, vitamin B values multiply, the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K increase. Many sprouts become com­plete proteins able to sustain life.

sprouts Sprout Nutrition

  • You can sprout any kind of bean sold in the supermarket. It needn’t be soy or mung. Plain old navy beans, kidney beans, lentils, and so on, will make fine sprouts.
  • If you’re a newcomer to eating sprouts, you can sprout the beans just a bit and use them in your standard recipes for chili, bean soup, baked beans, and more. The nutrients in the beans will be greater, but the flavor is essentially the same.
  • Sprouted beans cook in less time, making them a convenience food.
  • Sprouted beans don’t cause intestinal gas.
  • Sprouts are rich in vitamin C. They’ll help keep you healthy through the long winter.
  • Sprouts provide a fresh alternative to canned and frozen vegetables.
  • Sprouts are inexpensive.
  • if you think you’ve never eaten sprouts - think again. They’re a main­stay in Chinese egg rolls, chow mein and chop suey.

Further Reading:

  • What’s in season now? - And finally, if you’re craving something green, try sprouting some microgreens. A packet of seeds and couple of glass jars are all you need to transform your windowsill into a winter garden. (See this post for sprout nutrition info, …

  • shout out for sprouts - they are also at the beverly hills farmer’s market on sundays, with a stand that sells only sprouts. hope everyone has a great weekend. love, *e. further reading:. sprout nutrition facts - isga-sprouts.org.

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