growing-season Vegetable Growing Seasons

One of the main factors in determining what vegetables you want to grow in your garden is your vegetable growing seasons.  The length of your growing season is determined by your location and from when frosts occur. It is best to plan to start your garden around the first soft frost going into spring and ending on the hard frost before fall. 

In a soft frost the temperature drops just a few degrees below freezing for a short time.

In a hard frost the temperature drops lower than a soft frost and lasts longer also.

This window is considered to be the best growing period for an area and is important knowledge when purchasing seeds or planning your garden.

If you have a short three month growing period than make sure you choose varieties that are fast growing and quick to mature. The best growing period is if you have a five to six month range. Plan your garden to occur in the warmest three to four months. The length of your growing season will affect how many crops you can produce. If you have a longer warm period you could grow up to three crops as opposed to just one.

You can use a Plant Hardiness Zone Map to determine the zone you will plant in. Use the zone number when selecting seeds to make sure the plant can survive and grow in your growing season.

zones Vegetable Growing Seasons


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